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The Ultimate Artist Master Course (Advanced Songwriting, Production, and Music Business)

The Ultimate Artist Master Course (Advanced Songwriting, Production, and Music Business)

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Everyone is told to go to college, told to spend money on things they don't need, told to follow their dreams and build a career but how do you build a career without knowing exactly what that career needs from you?

This master course is the most comprehensive body of music industry knowledge that I've ever seen in one easily digestible master course. With video lessons, in-and in-depth homework all with the goal to turn you into a truly powerful musician. A musician that doesn't need to wait for their career to take off, but one that creates it. A musician that doesn't listen to woes and complaints from hobbyists but instead treats their art as a real business. A musician who can provide a great life for themselves and their families. A musician that gets to live a life of freedom and creativity. This is my mission for all of the lucky artists that take this course.

The topics covered within this course include:

The History of the American Music Industry
Intro to Advanced Songwriting
Becoming a Bold Songwriter
The Art of Hit Songwriting
Making High-Quality Music Effortlessly
Secrets Behind Hit Songs
Thinking Ahead as an Artist
Become a Master of Melody
Music Theory Hacks
How to Perform on the Next Level
Bringing Out Your Inner Business Mogul
Organization of Songs
Making Money in the Music Industry
Branding Your Sound
Reading Contracts
Contract Negotiating
Thinking like a Hit Producer
Building Leverage for your Record Deal
Work ethic
High-Level Networking
Signing a Publishing Deal
Signing a Record Deal
How to build a “REAL” fan base
Studio Etiquette
Understanding Royalties and Collecting your money
Master Ownership and who controls the rights

And so much more!

The course is comprised of 48 sections total which includes 37 video lessons and 6 bonus videos discussing the six pillars of the Music Industry. 

In addition, there are also 11 assignments for you to complete and submit as you go through the course. This keeps you accountable to do the work and keeps you on track to put things into practice as you are learning. 

As soon as you purchase, you get instant lifetime access to the course and can binge watch everything as often as you need to memorize and take action on it.

By the time you are finished with this course, you will have gained 100% power, control, and understanding about your career. You’ll easily know how to navigate towards the right situations and more importantly, you’ll avoid all the negative ones.

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