Have you ever notice all of the most successful people in the music industry had mentors...

Michael Jackson had Quincy Jones, Missy Elliot had Timbaland, Drake had Lil Wayne, and Usher had Diddy. Every single singing tv show from The Voice to American Idol has mentors helping the contestants.

So the big question is, "Who and where are your mentors?"

We have a very simple saying at the Billboard 500 Club, which is, "You can't expect a college coach to train you for the Olympics". What that means is, many people either hire local vocal coaches or go to prestigious overpriced colleges to learn music theory but that's not the same as being mentored by platinum producers, songwriters and mixers in the world. Most college professors at established music schools are not currently hit songwriters. So how can they teach you to become one?

At the Billboard 500 Club, we believe in helping you achieve your greatest potential by allowing you to learn directly from Grammy Award Winners, #1 Hit Songwriters, A&R from major labels, Sync Agents for major movies, and more.

Also we provide a safe and trust worthy network of collaborators that you can grow and learn with, which creates a healthy yet competitive environment that constantly pushes you forward.

We believe that by helping artists understand how to navigate the industry and their gifts in a positive way, this resonation will affect their fans, their families, and ultimately have a major impact on the music industry as a whole.


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