Have you ever notice all of the most successful people in the music industry had mentors?

Michael Jackson had Quincy Jones, Missy Elliot had Timbaland, Drake had Lil Wayne, and Usher had Diddy.

So the big question is, "Where are your mentors?"



Hey there, my name is Adam McInnis. As of 2021, I'm an award winning songwriter and producer. I'm also an artist, film composer, branding specialist, and social media marketing expert.

I've worked in many different facets of the music industry from writing/producing songs in 200 million dollar movies, consulting winners of talent shows such as America's Got Talent, negotiating contracts with investors for music based projects well into the multi-millions, going on tour as a media manager for bands on Republic Records, and helping artists from my private mentorship The Billboard 500 Club pitch and land sync placements for TV/Film (and NOT taking a cut of their profits).

I love the music industry.

Unfortunately, over the years, I've seen so many talented people come and go.

So many of them fell short of finding success or even making a living. I believe their shortcomings were purely from lack of knowledge.

They knew they had talent but they just didn't know what to do with all of it.

I started this website because I am so passionate about helping artists like yourself to make sure you don't fall into those same traps.

So, I gathered a group of amazing friends and mentors to help you move further and faster. These mentors all share the same passion for teaching YOU, the next generation of hit maker and industry professionals! 

Let us help you get there.

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If you are just starting out your music career, you might not be a good fit for the Billboard 500 Club just yet. If that sounds like you, I recommend grabbing a few of the necessities every musician should have in their tool belt.

These tools I specifically created for myself to help me go from being tone deaf and my music teacher telling me I should not pursue music to now making over six figures a year from licensing my music alone for major placements in TV/Film/Ads/Radio. 



The Billboard Hit Song Checklist is my secret formula I created after spending months analyzing every #1 hit song from the past 40 years. Check off every single thing on this checklist as you are creating music so that you'll finally feel like crafting a hit song is attainable, the steps have clicked in your brain, and all of the pieces have fallen into place for you to reach the next level in music production and songwriting. 

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The top 33 chord progressions is my cheat sheet I created to end writers block once a for all. After memorizing these most popular chords from the #1 hit songs from the past 40 years, I no longer struggle with creativity. If you feel like you are constantly struggling with where to start when you sit down to create then you need this cheat sheet. The best part is that you don't even need to learn music theory. This makes chord mastery as simple and as easy as it gets.

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The Ultimate Artist Master Course was created to help educate you on the fundamentals you need to know about the music industry. If you want music to be your full time career, you need to know this vital information that will save you years of headaches, stress, and most importantly, help to make sure you don't sign bad deals or work with the wrong people. I've seen fellow musicians or experienced all these mistakes one can make working in this business myself. Learn these lessons now from me so you don't have to go through them yourself. 

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Shot Bio and More About Adam McInnis

Adam McInnis is an award winning songwriter and producer. He's also an artist, film composer, branding/social media and sync licensing expert as one of the few people with major placements in every major genre of music. His music has been featured in The Fast & The Furious, BMW, NBA2K, Ubisoft, Vh1, MTV, HBO, ESPN, Fox, ABC, CMT, E!, NCAA, UFC, Nintendo, Netflix, Golf Channel, and Xbox. Most recently, he co-wrote and co-produced the hit single "Next Level" for the Kpop girl group Aespa which won both Record of the Year at the Melon Music Awards (MMA) and Best Dance Performance Female Group at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).