The Billboard 500 Club Membership

The Billboard 500 Club Membership

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The Billboard 500 Club puts you in direct contact with top producers, songwriters, managers, A&R, mixers, lawyers, marketing and branding experts. Don't waste $100,000 on a college degree that doesn't guarantee you a job in the music business. Instead, invest that money into joining our club where you'll be mentored from the industry's best.

Stop wasting your precious time and life thinking college or "figuring it out on your own" is the only way to go.

The truth is that college is really expensive which can put you and your family into debt, also learning on your own can take 10 years of long hard work.

The truth is that 99% of music professors at college aren't currently making a full time living as a producer, singer, or songwriter.

The truth is that you don't need a degree to be a HIT MAKER! Nobody in the music industry cares if you have a degree in music or not. The industry and fans only care about great music with high-quality products.

What you actually need is real guidance and mentorship from people who currently work in the music industry and are actually making a full-time living from it.

We are only accepting 500 members in the club which is held inside a private Facebook group. Once we hit that cap, the doors will be closed forever.


In the private club, you will gain instant access to over 150 talented up and coming artists, producers, engineers, mixers, musicians, and executives (just like you) from all over the world!

You will be encouraged and be able to collaborate with other club members. If we think certain members would be a great fit to work together, we will help connect you to one another.

You will be encouraged to share your music and ideas with the club so you can get valuable, actionable, and honest feedback.

As you see others in the club making progress and improvements with their music and career, it will push and motivate you to become the best in the music industry right alongside them. These people will become your close life long friends and peers as you grow over the years. Your network will become one of the biggest assets for you to leverage over the competition who are trying to figure out the industry all on their own or with people who don't actually "get" it.

A monthly challenge will be announced for you and anyone else in the club who wants to participate and complete. This will provide you with clarity and focus on a major important goal you need to master in order for you to advance as a professional.

As we get to know your capabilities, talent level, skills, knowledge, and experience, you will be given a level rating so you know exactly where you fall amongst your peers. This level system will also help you know what is the next milestone you should be striving to hit next to move up the rankings in the club and in your career.

Artists who reach level 3 and above will be submitted for major projects on

• Tv

• Film

• Commercials

• Trailers

• Video Games

• Publishing Companies

• Record Labels

• Festivals

During our live video teaching sessions, you will learn directly from experts in a variety of fields such as:

• Top Vocal Coaches

• Stage Performance

• Hit Songwriters

• Entertainment Lawyers

• Record Label A&R

• Social Media & Marketing Experts

• Mixing & Mastering Pros

• Tv/Film Music Supervisors

• Studio Owners

• Mindset Coaches

You will also have the ability to submit your music to be considered to win our CASH contests ($1,000 - $1,500) which will give you the opportunity to make money from your music while collaborating with others in the group.

Lastly, you will get a one-time, 20-minute welcome meeting call with Adam by phone or through WhatsApp for international clients. 


The Billboard 500 Club Membership option is the best option for you if you don't need personal help from Adam on a one on one basis. This is the lowest, budget-friendly package option available to join the club.


All three options for the Billboard 500 club are a reoccurring monthly subscription which means you will be charged once a month, every month, to retain access into the club.

Please keep in mind that the club is an investment into your future and we are only looking for musicians who are serious about wanting to make a full time living in the music industry.

Unfortunately, due to the 3rd party software we are using to manage the subscriptions for The Billboard 500 Club, PayPal is not an available payment option. PayPal will however work for all the other products in our shop which is why you will still see it on the checkout page.


The club isn't a good fit for you if you are:

• Broke or fixated on spending $100,000 on a college degree which will put you into debt the minute you graduate

• Unwilling to put in the hard work and time that's required to master the skills and business knowledge

• Unmotivated, lazy, and always full of excuses for why it can't or won't work for you

• Only doing music as a hobby. This club is for serious artists only who already know this is the career path for them

• Uncoachable and closed off to ideas, advice, and input from top industry mentors. Constructive criticism will always be shared in the club

• Unable to take action to make progress towards your music goals. This is not a place for you to just watch and observe others succeed around you

• Closed off, cold, selfish, greedy, rude or has bad business practices. Unfortunately, there are a lot of horrible people who work in the music industry. None of that is welcomed in this club


The Billboard 500 Club & Monthly Consultation

The Billboard 500 Club & Private Mentorship

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