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Sync Simplified - Setting the Stage for Licensing Success

Sync Simplified - Setting the Stage for Licensing Success

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In the course, you’ll learn foundations from Adam McInnis:  

What is Sync Licensing? A simple introduction to sync licensing and what it means for musicians.  

Why Sync Matters: Find out the importance of sync licensing in today's music scene.  

Real Success Stories: Hear about projects that made it big with sync licensing.  

How Much Can You Earn? Get a clear picture of potential earnings in the sync world.  

Making a Song Sync-Ready: Learn what makes a song a top pick for sync deals.  

Getting Started with Sync: Practical steps to break into the sync world.  

Must-Knows in Sync: Important things to keep in mind when diving into sync.  

Writing & Producing for Sync: Tips on creating music that's perfect for sync opportunities.

Bonuses included:

➕ Split Sheet Template for you to use when working with collaborators so you can get your splits in order before you even leave a session. 

A Step-by-step breakdown of one of Adam's alias projects, Baby Knoxx song "Full Power" and why elements were included so that it works so well for sync having landed a massive sync placement in a video game trailer. 

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