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1 Hour Music Consultation

1 Hour Music Consultation

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During your consultation, I will design a unique plan for you to have success in the music industry based on your goals.

It doesn't matter where you are currently in your career as I can guide you if you are a beginner trying to understand the best ways to move forward in crafting a hit song or if you are advanced as a signed touring act trying to cut down on your expenses.

I have decades of experience and advice having worked in a wide variety of areas of the music industry. 

Here are some of the areas I can speak on:

✓ Managed the ins and outs of multiple successful music studios in Austin, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; and Costa Rica if you are looking for insights on starting one yourself

✓ How to build both a home studio and travel studio you can use on the go immediately when inspiration and creativity strikes

✓ How to make a full-time living in the music industry without having to tour or focus on playlist growth

✓ How to find qualified music collaborators who you can trust to deliver high-quality records in a timely manner

✓ How to organize and systematize your workflow for maximum efficiency while producing music to save you hundreds of hours and money in the studio 

✓ How to quickly build a music bed with catchy melodies and pinpoint sounds that catch your fan's attention

✓ How to manage your music business and money so you invest wisely into what's necessary for your growth

✓ How to transition from a music college graduate into a real music career as an artist, songwriter, and producer

✓ Mastered the art of hit songwriting and hit production creating a unique formula that is repeatable and works in every major mainstream music genre

✓ Mastered sync licensing with over 150 placements on major commercials, tv shows, movies, trailers, and video games

✓ Mastered how to analyze your demos still in your DAW to find the holes and give feedback to take your songs from good to great

✓ Mastered the craft of comping vocals for singers to help them discover the unique elements in their voice so they can stand out from the crowd

✓ Mastered the best vocal chain signal flow so your vocals sound professional and radio-ready 

✓ Mastered how to market yourself, build a brand, and gain a following on social media without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars

✓ Mastered how to negotiate higher advances from publishing and record labels so you get the best deal possible 

✓ Deeply understand when and if you should hire a support team (booking agent, manager, lawyer, PR) and how to build, and more importantly, maintain those relationships long-term

✓ Deeply understand when and if you should go on tour, what it takes to have a successful one, and how to creatively market yourself to sell tickets

✓ Mastered how to land brand partnerships and sponsorship deals so you have additional diversified streams of income

✓ and so much more... just ask during your session what you need help with. 

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