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Music Release Strategies with the Pros

Music Release Strategies with the Pros

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You've achieved some success with your music as a singer, songwriter, or producer but you don't feel like you've mastered marketing for your music releases. This course will help you learn some of the BEST marketing strategies from mentors in the music industry.

    This course includes music release strategies from nine marketing pros including KARRA, Elliot Tousley, Damian Keys, Rebecca Smart Bakken, Paul Crary, Evan Price, Emily Rasowsky, Adam McInnis, and Denice Dal Braccio. 

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     This course is perfect for you if you are tired of releasing your music without having a solid strategy to bring you the attention and recognition your music deserves. 

    • Are you struggling to understand NFTs for musicians, how to optimize your branding to attract the perfect fans, or how to land features with media outlets for free exposure and credibility?
    • How would it feel if you released your next single, EP, or album to a raving fan base who shared, liked, commented, and engaged with your campaign and helped you land on top Spotify playlists? 
    • What would life look like if you could put out a TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube video and know your songs will finally reach the ears of millions of listeners who crave your music?

    Music Release Strategies with the Pros Include:

    Emily Rasowsky: NFT Music: A New Frontier for Your Music Releases 

    Emily Rasowsky is a web3 marketing strategist and crypto educator. As the CEO and Founder of web3 marketing agency,, she works with brands and artists to launch NFT, crypto, and metaverse projects through decentralized mediums.

    After 10+ years of working with brands and communities, as well as most recently launching experimental projects at Amazon, she took the leap fully into web3. She is also the co-founder of Le Crypto, an online education platform for women. She currently lives in Nosara, Costa Rica.

    Elliot Tousley:  How to Gain Real Traction on Spotify & Avoid Playlist Scammers

    Elliot Tousley is a serial entrepreneur who helps artists get a better understanding of their businesses. Elliot co-founded De Novo Agency and Songflowr Music Distribution and is best known for his insight on how musicians can dig through the difficulties in the industry. From learning about a target audience to rolling out your very first album, Elliots got you covered.

    Damian Keyes:  How to Monetize Your Music

    Damian has dedicated his life to music, starting from being signed to Universal Music as a teenager, to building the world’s largest set of music universities (BIMM). He’s built an online community of over 200 thousand musicians with over 10 million views on YouTube alone and recently founded the world’s largest online academy for musicians releasing music in the new era. 

    Paul Crary:  Youtube Release & Growth Strategies

    Paul has been with Position Music for over five years. As the Director of Digital Marketing, Paul manages, builds, strategizes, and executes the company’s and key label artist's online identities through social media, DSP integrations, brand partnerships, music video content, websites, YouTube and TikTok influencer outreach, and general brand management. Paul has helped key Position Music label artists such as Kid Bloom, 2WEI, TeaMarrr, Dead Posey, TWIN XL, Welshly Arms, Tyrone Wells, Lady Bri, and others connect with their fans through authentic content creation and online story-telling.

    Paul also plays a big role in the PR efforts for these artists and the Position Music outward corporate messaging as well. Before bringing his digital prowess to Position Music, Paul worked at an award-winning ad agency called Periscope in Minneapolis for four years. He also likes to collect ambient, new-age, house, and techno vinyl records and is a self-declared "bedroom DJ".

    Evan Price:  Optimizing Your Superfan Journey

    With 15 years in the industry, he has had firsthand experience in every corner of the music business. Evan launched Artist Collective out of the dorm room of Columbia College Chicago while obtaining his Bachelor's Degree in Music Business. Since then he has helped launch 100+ music brands, transforming artists and musicians into "artistpreneurs".

    "Artists often forget about the 'business' in 'music business'. They fail to formulate a business plan, develop sales skills, and everything needed to launch a worldwide brand. I want to help them develop a strong foundation for a business they could run for the rest of their lives."

    Rebecca Smart Bakken: TikTok: How to Find Your Niche, Different Content Formats to Try, and How to Promote Your Music

    Rebecca Smart Bakken is a driving force behind the new music industry that strives to fill in the skill gaps across the board. Her passion for music and marketing led her to dissect and rebuild traditional strategies using technology as a base method for artists and companies alike. Rebeca believes that music creates change and good marketing can also do the same. They both go hand in hand which is why she dedicates her career to building platforms to educate musicians.

    Her SMART Club sees artists from around the world unite to learn, execute, and network on the best techniques for the industry to bust out of an outdated routine. Through her SMART Music Agency, Rebecca assists artists to innovate their marketing, community building, and experimental launch campaigns.

    Adam McInnis:  Guerilla Marketing Like a Pro

    Recently Adam has been dominating the sync world with placements as a songwriter, producer, and artist in blockbuster movies such as Hobbs & Shaw, Beyond the Lights, & Unfriended "Dark Web". As well as penning the songs "Wonder Years" w/ Fedde Le Grande and "Rainbow", in the movie LEAP! which has gained over 70 million views. As an artist and producer, he's placed tracks on Vh1, MTV, HBO, ESPN, Fox, ABC, CMT, E!, NCAA, UFC, Nintendo, Winterfresh, BMW, Netflix, Golf Channel, and Xbox, to name a few. 

    His ability to blend styles of soul, rock, country, pop, and blues has led to co-writes and cuts with hitmaking songwriters Kara DioGuardi, Cutfather, Chantal Krezuviak, Helen Darling, J-Rock, Mario Marchetti, Jimmy Robbins, Autumn Rowe, Greg Curtis, Adam Zelkind, and more. Most recently, Adam co-produced and co-wrote the hit song “Next Level” with Mario Marchetti which was interpolated by the Kpop group Aespa.

    Denice Dal Braccio:  How to Land Magazine Covers With or Without a Publicist

    Denice Dal Braccio is the CEO and Founder of the electronic dance music publication EDM World Magazine and the business manager of The Billboard 500 Club. Her passion runs deep to help musicians master their marketing strategies, build their fan bases, and grow their income streams of revenue.

    KARRA: How to Leverage Your Music Expertise for Multiple Streams of Income

    Karra is an acclaimed artist, songwriter, and vocal producer who is widely known for her best-selling Vocal Sample Packs and Presets on Splice. She has collaborated with some of the biggest heavy hitters in the Electronic Dance space including KSHMR, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Alan Walker, Slander, Jauz, and many more!

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