TV & FILM Songwriting Course One on one w/ Adam

TV & FILM Songwriting Course One on one w/ Adam

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Most people are trying to get a record deal so they can become a big famous singer, but many people don't realize that movies, commercials, and tv shows can financially support an artist's goals and sometimes they make more money writing for movies than being a "signed" artist.

Over the last 10 years, I've placed more than 150 cues on Tv, Film, Commercials, Video Games, and Web Shows. During this journey, I've found this entirely new and amazing side of the music business! As most are chasing hits on the radio and trying to book a tour, there's more content being released on networks like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu then ever before. There are more Tv shows than ever before in history right now! And every single one of those shows needs your music!

So I'm going to teach you all the secrets and tricks to writing amazing songs for sync. We'll cover lyrics, melodies, the best keys for songs, music theory, style of songs that brands are purchasing ( what's hot/what's not ), how to create the best song for a scene, and how to work with a Music Library.

This 8-week course will be a 45 minute (one on one) consultation, where I'm in the room writing with you, I'm listening to your demos, I'm critiquing and helping you become a seasoned/professional songwriter! After this course you'll no longer wonder if you'll be able to make money in the music industry, instead, you will with 100% certainty know that you can be successful.

You also will receive access to The Billboard 500 club for 1-month.

You must complete the course within 3 months of signing up as your sessions will not roll over past that. 

All sales are final as we stand behind our products and do not offer any refunds.