March 30th - April 10th
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Due to the fact that most musicians are at home, fueled with creativity, we'd like to create an outlet for that energy!

We will supply you with 100% real briefs, from real executives, for real opportunities.

Simply fill out the form below before MARCH 30th, so that we can pair you with collaborators.

Each team will have between 2 - 5 members.

Some of the briefs are for placement opportunities that are between 20k - 80k, if you place a song from this sync camp our company receives ZERO commision. We want this to be about you!

On Monday at 5pm PST you will receive an email with 3 briefs to select from along the names/emails of your collaborators, we suggest you reach out to them and find the best times to connect.

We advise using Connection Open for online recording this allows you to record across platforms with almost zero latency and Zoom, but feel free to use whatever you're comfortable with.

The first briefs will be sent out before 8pm PST Monday, March 30th, 2020

Sorry you if you missed this one.
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