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Vocal Production Master Course

Vocal Production Master Course

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The Vocal Production Master Course is the essential video course that will help you successfully navigate everything you need to know to make your vocals shine. Learn the secrets, tricks, and tips from your mentor Shaun Pozywio.

Who Is Shaun Pozywio

Shaun, also know as SZY, has spent the last few years writing with independent artists, producing at a Hollywood studio, and creating a catalog of dope music that has been featured with companies like McDonald's, Netflix, and Disney.

What's In The Vocal Production Master Course

In this course, you are going to learn about how to set the tone with your vocal chain, how to use FX busses, reverb, delays, getting your leads, how to cut and mix background vocals, modular fx and distortion, parallel FX and sidechain, and an overview of Melodyne. 

The course is comprised of direct and to the point video lessons with everything you need to know about vocal production. 

As soon as you purchase, you get instant lifetime access to the course and can binge watch everything as often as you need to memorize and take action on it.

By the time you are finished with this course, you will have gained 100% power, control, and understanding about vocal production and never have to worry about vocal issues again. You won't have to send your vocals out to anyone else and you'll have the confidence to know your vocals will sound exactly how you want them to sound.

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